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The Benefits That AEDs Provide in the Workplace


Keeping our heart healthy is one of the best things we can do in order to live longer. The heart is one of the vital organs of the body, and without it, there will be no life. It's responsible for pumping blood so that it can circulate around the body. The blood is the one who distributes oxygen to the different parts of the body and if the heart is not in good condition, our body will not be able to receive the right amount of oxygen it needs. If the vital parts of the vital won't have the needed oxygen, the individual may die. If an individual experiences cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating resulting to loss of oxygen. Can an AED be Used on an Infant? Know here.


Most patients die before they reach the hospital. Thankfully, AED has been introduced. AED has been proven to decrease the number of people who died due to a heart attack. That is why it's recommended that you own one. No one will be able to know when a cardiac arrest will occur though there are signs and symptoms. It can happen to you while you're much far from the hospital. With it, anyone who is experiencing cardiac arrest may be revived.


Unlike those equipment used in the hospital, AED is designed so that anyone can use it. Find out for further details right here foremostequipment.com


According to the research, working professionals have more chances of heart attack. Those people who are not practicing healthy lifestyle are also prone to it. Because most professionals are not into a healthy lifestyle, it's also recommended that a workplace have AED pads. It's also a moral obligation of the company to ensure that their employees are in good health.


We know that most organizations are now promoting a healthy lifestyle. They are letting their employees undergo annual checkups, etc. But due to other factors, a person may still experience cardiac arrest. Having AED inside the company's premises will do a lot to their employees. Investing in this facility will also give many benefits to the company itself. Individuals may be revived and their lives will be saved.



When used, it electrifies the heart of the patient in order to revive the heart beat. However, AED does not guarantee 100% survival rate. Because an individual may die within 6 minutes if no appropriate action is done, and having this tool may allow the individual to stay alive until he arrives the hospital where the much powerful facility will be used to revive him. Take a look at this link https://www.britannica.com/topic/automated-external-defibrillator  for more information.